SLT Aims for 2020 – Part 4

In this week’s edition of WimLearn, Jess, Vera and Lili discuss their aims for this year as our head girl team of the Student Leadership Team 2021.

Coming back in 2020 is already different to any other year. For us in the Head Girl Team, part of that entails the humble yet vital aim to keep our school full of safe and healthy students: taking measures against the spread of the pandemic, while also trying to support mental health by  reconnecting students as well as possible. We also wish for a continued push for environmental change, both in and outside of school as we don’t want to give COVID the chance to side-track us from this important issue. Part of doing this will involve encouraging out-of-the-box thinking both in extracurriculars and in academics (and we hope this will be facilitated by our wonderful new STEAM tower!). The world needs bold, creative, and brave thinkers to tackle the problems we face today. We believe that those thinkers are at WHS.

This year there is no shying away from our need to partake in conversations surrounding race. We aim to diversify the academic curriculum and the pastoral system at WHS. This encapsulates areas of PSHE, the peer counselling program, and extracurricular life. We want discussion groups and committees to create a dialogue surrounding racial inequality since awareness and discussion are key to making a change. We aim to foster the courage ready to stand up for what is right and decent when injustice is in the way. Some of these conversations may be uncomfortable or unpleasant, but the consequences of not having these discussions are far worse. We hope the student body is on board with our mission to bring ourselves together – even when we are apart – to build the foundations for a better post-COVID world.