Welcome to WimTeach and WimLearn – the portal for teaching and learning at Wimbledon High School. Every week we publish two articles – one written by staff at WHS (WimTeach), the other written by our academic scholars (WimLearn). We hope that the blog will spark conversation about teaching and learning, encouraging cross-curricular learning and demonstrate the passion we, as a school community, have for both teaching and learning.

If you are interested in writing for the blog, please contact Richard Bristow richard.bristow@wim.gdst.net

WimLearn WimTeach
This is the place where the academic scholars of WHS write about the issues we care about, challenge existing academic discourse, and ignite debates of our own. We invite people to remember the joy of learning for the sake of learning and encourage the broadening of academic horizons in both students and adults alike. This blog acts as a part of our inspiring Scholars’ Programme linking in with the idea-sparking Explore Talks and Rosewell Lectures, from which much of our writing has found its inspiration. From Physics to Art to English, we have something to say about everything. We hope you enjoy reading our pieces. This is the area where the staff of WHS write about aspects of our practice that we are keen to share with others. From discussing the uses of technology in our lessons to the importance of getting out the classroom and seeing the curriculum in action, we are passionate about the art of teaching and the business of learning. The blog seeks to build on collaborative thinking and conversations about how and why we teach in the way that we do. We hope you enjoy what we have to say.