Fantastic success in the UK Bebras Challenge 2018!

In the last few weeks girls in years 9-13 have been participating in the UK Bebras Challenge. This is a fun challenge that tests computational thinking skills. More info about the challenge is available here.
We have just found out that the pupils who took part in this challenge put in an amazing performance. Congratulations to Sienna, Rebecca and Kira who were best in school in their different age categories. 24 girls in total gained distinctions which is a tremendous achievement. Many girls have also found out that their scores placed them in the top 10% nationally. This means that they are now invited to participate in  the invitation only TCS Oxford Computing Challenge, organised by Hertford College, Oxford. Congratulations and good luck go to Sienna, Katherine, Amy, Sabrina, Biba, Ksenia, Rebecca, Phoebe, Helena, Katie, Sasha B, Saavi, Elena, Anahita, Izzy, Tilly, Toni, Jessie, Sasha, Rose, Abigail, Juliet, Eloise, Manuela, Lalita, Rebecca, Lottie, Alice, Anna and Kira.