Being a House Captain at WHS…

Lucy (Y13), on behalf of herself and the three other house captains, explains the role of the house captains on the Student Leadership Team and within the school.


What does it take to be a House Captain?

(Some of) Team Arnold

The answer, a (perhaps overly) infectious amount of enthusiasm and spirit to spread to others. Becoming a role model for younger girls as you take on the title as a leader in a different style of community within the school. To encourage, collaborate and, most importantly, enjoy every House event!

As House Captains it is essential that we bring together and lead a family within the school. The House system within Wimbledon High is a wonderful opportunity to provide inter-year bonds across all year groups, setting a precedent for years to come. Regardless of how exciting and competitive our roles may be, the friendships girls make with one another within their Houses proves more valuable to their school life here at Wimbledon High.

What does the role entail? 

The possibilities of the role can be endless; it is what you make of it. As House Captain of Arnold, I believe the main priorities of the position are to support and encourage other Arnold girls whatever the opportunity may be, to ensure that they fully express themselves and create a new sense of confidence whilst in a supportive environment. House events allow girls to showcase their talents across the curriculum – from cooking to debating, sport to music – and whilst doing so we hope the girls develop a sense of pride and honour for their House.

Sports Day 2019

After being in the role since the Summer Term, I don’t think I have ever been as enthusiastic for any position than I have been for Arnold House Captain. The rush to decorate the stands for Sports Day last term saw us all getting together to help design posters and banners to fill up the stand with a wash of bright and exciting colour. The day was filled with high spirits from the girls as they, as true Wimbledonians, battled through the unfortunate rain shower. Chanting at the tops of their voices and sprinting to every finish line, to which Arnold (of course) claimed victory! Speaking for all of us, I can confidently say that we have never felt as proud to lead such a vibrant community of girls that day. Our hopes are high for the following year to come…

Sports Day 2019

This year our Student Leadership Team’s theme is Connections. As House Captains, we want to encourage more competition between the houses to raise the profile of each house. By making victories more visible throughout the school we hope that this creates a competitive spirit and feeling of pride and identity to each girl’s house. We wish to carry this new ambition into House events this year as House Music has just got underway this week with the raffle drawn of the decades. With Meredith winning confidently last year, House Music is one of the most passionately contested events of the year and with the encouragement and spirit of the girls we all hope to do our Houses proud by conducting each performance. Although, I have rather ambitious hopes for Arnold this year with the 80s… best decade, surely, we have to win

Despite only taking on the role as House Captain for one term so far, I can confidently say we have all jumped into the exciting role with great commitment and energy. Our message to girls in our houses is to put yourself forward, to get involved and to make friends with girls in other year groups. We hope to fulfil our role to the school with even more passion and excitement to make this year the most highly contested year for the Houses!

May the best house win…