Friday Gem #12 – meaningful personal targets

Teaching and Learning Gem #12 – creating meaningful personal targets


This comes from Helen Sinclair. She asked her Year 9 to write a reflection for their end of year assessment. However, as she watched them write it on OneNote, she noticed that some of the comments were rather vague. She therefore copied a range of different reflections onto the chat and asked the whole class to review them using the reaction emojis (being clear that a sad face didn’t mean it was bad, just that they thought it could be improved). Once they had done this, she then asked students to explain in the live call what made some targets more effective than others.

This is effective because:

  • It encourages students to be meaningfully self-reflective.
  • The collaborative nature of this makes it clear that all students have things to improve….it discourages perfectionism!
  • It emphasises the importance of making targets specific.