Eliud Kipchoge – Marathon Runner

This weekend Kipchoge ran a marathon in less than two hours, making history with a time of 1:59:40! It is the fastest any human has ever covered the 26.2 miles marathon.

What I find inspirational about Kipchoge is that he often compares his goals and what seems “impossible” similar to reaching the moon, and other various stars in our galaxy. I find this a really inspirational thought to consider, we once thought landing on the moon was impossible… until it was done. He set his goals right up there with the stars and I think we should do the same, nothing is impossible unless you think it is.

Also he recognises and goes on to thank his team around him, from the pacemakers, to the experts on aerodynamics, cyclists delivering him drink, his unreleased Nike shoes, to the driver of the car projecting lasers to show him the pace – they all played a part in getting him to his dream – the “moon”. Reading the article on Saturday reminded me of something someone once told me, that everyone has a team behind them, and yes the parts of the team get swapped out, but that individual wouldn’t be where they were without their team. I think it’s really important to be able to take a minute and recognise this because in our busy lives, always chasing success it is easy to forget how you got to where you are.

Good luck this week with your matches, it’s the last push until a well-deserved rest in half-term!

Written by: Emily – Sports + Netball Captain