Quarantine post 2: how to mix up those at home workouts

Hello all,

I hope everyone is still staying active and keeping moving during these times. Last night on the news, although it is no where near over, the curve seems to be flattening so there is light at the end of the tunnel and by keeping positive, we will reach the other side. Everyone has been impacted in one way or another so it’s important to each play our part and stay home as much as possible and do those garden or living room workouts or your one run or walk a day, so we can reach the other side more quickly.

I have come up with some ideas below to keep the workouts switched up and different over the days that seem to merge into each other.

  1. write down a list of different fitness influencers on Instagram, YouTube etc and each day pick a workout from a different one each day
  2. focus on 1 aspect of training each day, for example today may be leg day, tomorrow arm day, then cardio, then core. This will allow you to have variation and breadth to your training
  3. come up with your own workouts and split them into the above categories and pick different exercises for each day
  4. find a good playlist. Music makes all the difference to feeling motivated throughout the whole workout

I hope these tips help to keep those workouts varied and different in the days that seem to all be the same 🙂

Keep happy, healthy and active!

Your Sports Captain.

Quarantine post 1: Things to give a go to stay active

Hello all,

I hope everyone is still managing to keep finding the positives in each day, no matter how small they may seem!

As much as quarantine is needed in order to control this global pandemic, this uncertain time means that many of us suddenly have a lot more spare time on our hands and are left wondering what to do with it so here are some things that you could try:

  1. write out a daily routine and try and follow it to the best of your abilities for that day. This allows your body to have a structure, similar to how your normal week would look and you are able to feel like you’ve been productive that day
  2. set out goals that you want to achieve. For example, I’ve been set a workout and I’m now on day 2 of it and am quite far from being able to complete the whole thing and I’m having to modify the exercises, so I’ve set myself the goal of being able to do it by the end of next week.
  3. give new workouts a go each day. This keeps the variation and you are able to see workouts as fun and afterwards you will feel really good and set you up for the second half of your day.
  4. practice specific skills. So I am a netball shooter and therefore I really enjoy shooting and am lucky enough to have a netball post in my back garden, so why not have a relaxing shooting session and get outside and give your mind a break from everything that is going on
  5. cook something. I have been quite bad at this recently as I am still trying to adjust to the new normal that has been put in place, but yesterday I decided to get on top of my meal planning so I now have several healthy nutritious meals ready for the week. This is important to do as much of how you feel is determined on the foods you eat as your gut health is closely linked to your mental health, so if you can get your hands on healthy produce – make the most of it!

So there are some ideas to get yourself in a bit of a better mood to try and feel slightly more in control this week. Try some out and give them a go!

Stay healthy and active during this uncertain time,

Your Sports Captain.

Quarantine life

Hello everyone,

Obviously after hearing Boris Johnson’s address to us telling us to basically go into lockdown a few nights ago it is a worrying time for us all. At Wimbledon and especially the PE Department here are trying their hardest to keep everyone as active as possible with only being allowed out once a day.

So with this said, I have thought of some things that you could do to keep busy and active so once this is all other we can all go back with a new found love, appreciation, but most of all still able to catch a ball…

I am trying to put out daily workouts on either the emails from SLT during this period, or on the whs_slt instagram page in either the form of live stream or videos showing the exercises. Other things you could also do in this period is look up fitness videos or tutorials on YouTube or on Instagram from your favourite fitness influencers as some other forms of inspiration to keep your exercise varied and fun during a period of being stuck at home. Some of my favourite Instagram pages for at home workouts: mrandmrsmuscle + linnlowes + thedailykelsey + clairepthomas (just a starting point for anyone is lacking in inspiration!)

You can also try daily challenges, whether that’s a variation of bring sally up challenges or making up your own, maybe try a virtual yoga class or HIIT session. Keep varying it and trying new things, because why not?

In these times it’s important to keep active as we all know the clear benefits that sports and exercise has, and although we may not be able to meet up for a hockey or netball game, moving your body remains as important as it’s ever been.

Keep happy, keep healthy and most of all keep smiling 🙂

Love from,

your Sports Captain

Fixture dates

All fixtures for all sports are available here:  https://www.wimbledonhighsports.com/

Please write in the dates of your matches so there are reduced chances you will forget!!

Sports Day Overview

Sports day this year was unfortunately cut short and had to be called off after 2 hours. However, as Wimbledonians we did not let a little rain stop our house and competitive spirit shine through and the races that did run were a perfect example of that so well done to all the girls involved, whether you were supporting, racing, singing or dancing!

We had the 1500m, 800m, 300m and 200m running in the time we had with all girls from all houses and all years competing showing so much talent!

Thank you to all the teachers for supporting, helping to run and starting the events through the wind, shine and start of the rain. This day would not be the same without Ms Cox’s commentary and playlist, Mr Kane and the house captain’s new dino costumes to start to the day and the legendary PE department led by Ms Gordon who organised this entire event –   many girls when talking to me have voiced their thanks to the PE department because they had so much fun and appreciated how much work everyone had put in to organise the event.

A few pictures are attached and the others can be found on Wimbledon High’s flickr page.


Welcome to the new sports leadership team of 2019-2020

After the handover assembly on April 5th the new Sports Captain – Emily, will be running this blog. My new leadership team is raring to go for this next year and we hope to grow and improve the blog, so watch this space!

The Sports Leadership Team of 2019-2020:

Saskia: Rowing Rep

Lucy: Hockey Rep

Emily: Netball and Cricket Rep

Robbin: Gymnastics Rep

Izzy: Tennis Rep

Netball clubs

There are some fantastic netball clubs in the Wimbledon area which would be hugely beneficial to any girls who are interested in improving their netball skills ahead of next season.

Spencer Netball Club 

The Spencer Netball club is based at Burntwood School, Earlsfield.https://spencernetball.wordpress.com/

In order to join, you parents would need to email membership@spencerclub.org with your name, your date of birth, parent mobile and position/team child plays in at school. Their renewal process will commence in May.

The U14 and U15 netball teams (next year’s age groups) have quite a few placed but the U13 and U12 places (next year’s age groups) may be full already so you will be added to the waiting list.

Their training days are:

Monday: GU13 & GU14 18:15 to 19:30 GU16 – 19:30 to 20:45

Thursday: GU11 & GU12 18:15 to 19:30 GU15 19:30. To 20:45

Summer Camp at Putney High School

If you would like to continue playing netball over the summer holidays, sister n sport are hosting training sessions in June & July at Putney High School. Super league player Rhea Dixon is coaching some of the sessions so it would be a great experience to learn from the best!




Sport Notices 25.02.19

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely half term and aren’t feeling too disheartened after the England rugby result.

The U13 & U12 netball teams are both through to the County Finals. Well done and good luck at the finals!

There have been some fantastic rowing results from the last two weeks…

  • Last Saturday at Molesey Junior Head…
    • J17 double won gold
    • J14 octuple won gold
    • J14 quad won gold
    • (Special mention to Jess Bryden, Izzy Staples, Havaani Blase and Emily Richardson who doubled up and raced and won both events)
    • J16 quad finished 3rd
  • Also last Saturday at Henley Head
    • J15 4 came 2nd
    • J158 came 3rd

The J15 rowers managed a friendly Vs Putney High and despite PHS having 2 of their coaching team on board their 8, they couldn’t get near WHS J15 Squad!

Finally, Saskia Brewster attended Great Britain Trials this weekend and finished 13th fastest in the double.  This was a great result at round 2 out of a possible 4 sets of trials.

Welcome back!

After a short break over half term and some busy weeks of A-levels the Sports Blog is up and running! There have been some fantastic results over the last few weeks so please check out the sport notice section for more information.

I hope you all had a lovely half term and for those who went skiing, I hope the weather was lovely and the skiing conditions good. I went to Samoëns with my family and on most days travelled across to Flaine and skied down the run which we raced at the British School Girls. I don’t know if it was the glorious weather or the perfect snow condition but it is a lovely run although, it might not seem that way when you are racing down! In the last weekend in January for a second year running Wimbledon High took a team to race in the British School Girls Races. They all skied with skill and determination and our youngest member came away with a bronze in the U14 unregistered. A huge success considering it was our second time competing and it marks a positive light for the future of Wimbledon High Ski racing!

As always, the spring term brings exciting netball fixtures and even more success in the rowing team. The rowers are currently competing in the National Schools Competition and we wish them the best of luck!


Sports Captain

Sport Notices

Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.

I’m sure many of you will be feeling happy after England’s successful start in the six nations and apologises for any Irish or French supporters.

Wimbledon’s rowing squad performed exceptionally well at the South England rowing relay champions. We won a gold in the U14s and silver in the U12s individuals. The year 7 and 8 are South of England rowing Champions and Helena, our in-house world recorder holder won gold. These are some fantastic results girls and you should be really proud of your work over the weekend!

The U11 gym team came 4th in the London Regional Floor and Vault competition and the U11 C&D team are GDST netball champions!

Finally, Ellie Watt, in Yr11, was at the National Water Polo camp over the weekend and has now been selected as one of the top 25 girls in England at Under 17s. She will have the possibility to be selected for the European Championships in 2020 so well done Ellie.rI hope you all have a lovely week and a restful half term!