When I was born, a tiny bundled bud,

Life stretched ahead – a garden of delight,

Like a seed in a dandelion pod,

Or a Spring shoot, I was warmed by the light.


The chirping of crickets and humming bees,

Are the simple sounds of my youthful world.

Stretching for the sky, I could laugh with ease,

The bud that I once was had now unfurled


Autumn’s rich patterns – ruby red and gold,

Recalled the vibrant colours of my youth;

A sudden breeze turned watery sunshine cold,

Dead leaves crunched underfoot, a dawning truth.


Trees like ice sculptures, showers of white lace,

Frost glittered, a necklace on my window,

Although wrinkles spread across my aging face,

Snowdrops peeked still through the glistening snow.


Lessons of life

I tumbled free under the heavy apple boughs

With such an innocent eagerness, then, and simple mind.

The dog barked at the sun and chased some dappled cows

And I ran up the grassy river bank to find

An old trout lazily feeding in a pool of myriad light.

I threw a smooth pebble, the fish flicked its tail

And all the hues of its green and silver mail

Vanished into the shadowed water, so cool and bright.


My life was unlimited in those far off days,

As I romped and rolled in the Summer’s warm sun

But now the memories vanish in a misty haze

As if they were dreamt and never even done.

Those days have passed now, I’m on the road to find a truth

And dusty is the winding track of life, so short.

My pack of knowledge is heavy on my back.

I have been taught

By age – but I dearly wish for my carefree youth.