Top Stories: Week Beginning 4th March

Brexit votes rescheduled

Theresa May ruled out a ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit this week, but promises the vote will take place on March 12th- only 17 days before the schedule date Britain will leave the EU. Opposition members Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin announce a plan to vote on a bill that would force the government to extend that deadline if there is no confirmed deal before March 13th.

Resolving the Chinese-American trade war

Donald Trump asserts that he and the Chinese president Xi Jinping will have a signing summit in Florida and thereby end the Sino-American trade war. So far, President Trump postponed increasing the tariff on $200 billion worth of Chinese products back in December. This trade war has presented no small threat to the global economy and stock markets, as both countries try to target each other’s exports with taxes, tariffs and quotas. An agreement would hopefully provide some stability in the worldwide economy.

Summit between Trump and Kim ends

The summit in Hanoi, Vietnam between Trump and Kim Jong-Un, the leader or North Korea, came to an abrupt halt after no agreement was reached on legislation regarding nuclear weapons. Kim refuses to close his Yongbyon nuclear research centre unless the US lifted their sanctions on the nuclear industry in North Korea.

Millions donated for Parkinson’s disease research

Actor Michael J Fox intends to give away $24 million to research into Parkinson’s disease. Fox, who has been diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease, owns the largest not-for-profit charity for advocacy and research of Parkinson’s.

100 tonnes of waste plastic now recycled

Dow Chemical, one of the world’s largest plastic manufacturers, is working to minimise their harm to the environment. In the states, the company is constructing roads of recycled polyethylene plastic after testing this method in India and Indonesia. The endeavour prevents 100 tonnes of plastic ending up in landfill and reducing the greenhouse gas output of constructing roads by 30 tonnes.