Top Stories: Week Beginning 26th November

EU leaders approve Brexit deal

The EU have endorsed Theresa May’s terms of leaving after a meeting lasting less than an hour, bringing over twenty months of negotiations to a conclusion. The deal still needs to be approved by the UK Parliament, but May hopes the UK is ‘on course for a prosperous future’. She has encouraged people on boths sides of the vote to support this deal, as Britain does ‘not want to spend any more time arguing about Brexit’.

Russian air strikes on Syria

Russia launched air strikes against Syrian rebels on grounds of supposed chemical attack on Aleppo. Russia claim the rebels were using chlorine gas to target Aleppo, but the strikes have been reported to hospitalise around 100 people including women and children.

Banksy works seized by Belgian authorities

58 of Banksy’s paintings, photographs, and silkscreens were put on display in Brussels, without input from the artist, by Strokar, a Belgian exhibitor. He worked with German company On Entertainment to put the exhibition together, but while the firm claim to have the rights to the works, the terms and insurance were considered ambiguous by the Belgian authorities.

Taiwan votes against same-sex marriage

Last year, a high court ruled in favour of marriage equality, demanding legislation from the government. However, since President Tsai Ing-Wen quit as leader of the Democratic Progressive Party, voting for conservative leaders and policies has come more into favour.