Top Stories: Week Beginning 1st October


Kavanaugh Hearings

US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will have to undergo an investigation by the FBI on the orders of President Donald Trump. The investigation will look into claims of sexual misconduct by various women. During the hearings, the US Senate heard a testimony from Dr Christine Blasey Ford, which prompted a vote over whether an investigation should take place.

Boris’s Brexit Plan

In UK news, Boris Johnson has created his own ‘alternative’ Brexit plan, after he criticised Theresa May’s plan agreed at Chequers. The plan, which he described as a ‘Super Canada Brexit deal’, has been rubbished by Cabinet Ministers, who have described it as ‘unworkable’, stating that a Brexit deal could not go through without a promise of a soft border in Northern Ireland. Meanwhile, Theresa May has voiced her belief that the government is on the verge of a Brexit deal.

Europe take commanding lead at Ryder Cup

In sport news, Europe have taken a commanding lead in the Ryder Cup competition against the USA. The European team, led by Thomas Bjorn, have raced to a 10-6 lead over their American opponents. This would be their first victory for Europe since 2014, which was their third in a row.

Death of Iraqi activist – a disturbing trend?

In international news, a fear of a string of murders of high-profile women has been raised in Iraq. This is in response to the death of former Miss Baghdad Tara Fares, who was killed in the nation’s capital on Thursday. The murder of Fares, who was a noted activist and the 6th most followed person on Iraqi social media star, comes just two days after the killing of a human rights activist in Basra, and two months after the deaths of two women involved in the Iraqi beauty industry. This string of murders, which have prompted an investigation, has been described by authorities as ‘worrying’.