Top Stories: Week Beginning 11th March

Brexit deadline to be potentially delayed

Members of Parliament will vote on May’s Brexit deal again on Tuesday, following the deal being vetoed by a historic margin in January. If this time the current deal is voted for, the UK will leave the EU on the scheduled 29th of March. If it is again voted against, there will be a vote for a no deal Brexit. From there, we will either exit without a deal or May will have to request an extension of Article 50.

Ethiopan Airlines crash with no survivors

The Ethiopan Airlines craft crashed not long into the duration of the flight, killing all of its 149 passengers and 8 crew members. The cause of the crash is unknown and still being investigated, but the air traffic monitoring service Flightradar24 reported the plane’s vertical speed to be ‘unstable after take off’.

North Korea election

On the 10th of March, the entire adult population is expected to come out to vote. The turnout is usually well above 99%. There is a single candidate on the ballot paper, the Supreme People’s Assembly. Technically, people retain the right to cross out the name in an act of dissent, but doing so incites a visit from the secret police. The SPA has zero real political power, and is only for show. The election truly serves as a census to monitor the population of each constituency, and to track the loss of people who may have escaped to China.

Berlin makes International Women’s Day a public holiday

Berlin voted to make International Women’s Day a day of wor in late January this year. East Berlin used to hold official ‘Frauentag’ celebrations each year until 1990, following the fall of the Berlin wall, but this will be the first year that Berlin (the only city state in Germany to do so) recognises the day as a public holiday