WHS Sixth Former’s Guide to the Galaxy

Coffee Machine Tips and Tricks:

– The Basic: Pull out hot chocolate before water starts

– The Caffeine Hit: Can’t stand straight black coffee? Get the perfect milk:coffee ratio by adding – the Latte Macchiato milk to your preferred volume of black coffee

– The Early Morning: Get the cappuccino, pull out before the watery bit and then put it back for the espresso shot. Then get put another espresso shot.

– The Creamy Comfort: ¾ Hot Chocolate ¼ Latte Macchiato milk

– Buy real milk. You’ll thank us later.

(For a real hack you can steal someone’s chai tea latte powder – usually in the drawers or cupboards nearby.)



6th Form Look book (a.k.a. the human Pinterest board):


The Alice Lavelle:

– 10/10

– Thigh high boots

– Pom-pom shoes #iconic

– PVC trousers in case you forget your compact mirror


The Zoë Grainger:

– Scarf not optional

– (www.zara.com)

– Hairstyle from 1887


The Celia Bristow:

– Active Wear even when you’re not doing PE

– Branded water bottle

– Sweaty Betty or Wholefoods bag


The Sofia McGovern:

– Cami

– Cardigan

– Jeans

– Pumps

– Longchamp bag



The Ellie Redpath:

– Circle skirts or dungarees

– Probably a classics book

– Turtleneck and cutesy eyeliner

– The exact cuteness of an Animal Crossing character



– Really?


The “is that even in the dress code” Look

– Bonus points if there’s a fur and/or leather jacket for added effect


Basket Ball club

– #squadgoals



How to be an academic stereotype:

– A3 mind maps

– Mildliners and pastel highlighters (instant popularity boost xoxoxo)

– Colour co-ordinated folders (@anna.healy)

– Carry a back-breaking amount of books

– Probably have scoliosis and a coffee problem

-Bonus for premature hair greying



Survival Guide:

– A great place to cry is that solo toilet across from room 9 (next to room 6) if you need a bit of privacy.

– Ms McIllroy is a babe. Go to her with any problems, she will find a way to sort your life out.

– Don’t go to the gym – just walk up to the common room every day #legday.

– Basic gals go to Ms Kennedy, but if you want to stay ahead of the curve go to Mr Murphy with your life problems. (We’re kidding, Ms Kennedy is lovely).

– Snapchat is blocked on the school wi-fi, but tinder isn’t – use your data wisely.