Rating Christmas Carols

Christmas is well on its way, and with it, some of the best tunes ever. For your entertainment in this last week of school (so nearly there!) I will give my opinions on some carols in ascending order of banger-ness:

Away in a manger:

A junior school icon, but I’m afraid its overly saccharine melody and its slow pace is a no from me. 2/10

While shepherds watched their flocks by night:

A fair bit better than away in a manger, but always seems to drag on a bit. ‘While shepherds washed their socks by night’ is its one redeeming factor. 4/10

Silent night:

Not a particular fave but can be nice and calming. 6/10

We three kings:

Another one that is a bit too slow-moving. However…

Star of wonder, star of light!

Fill your pants with dynamite!


Unto us is born a son:

I used to not be a fan, but it’s actually quite rousing. 7/10

Candlelight carol:

I absolutely d e t e s t choral cheese (I am number one John Rutter anti) but for some reason I quite like this one. 7/10

Good King Wenceslas:

A good bop, although my Christmas vibe has just been ruined by how hard I had to concentrate on typing ‘Wenceslas’. 7/10

Ding dong merrily on high:

A nice straightforward jolly tune. 7/10

Joy to the world:

Rousing to the max!!!!. 8/10

O come all ye faithful:

Its tendency to drag stops it from getting higher marks, but the first ‘o come let us adore him’ is one of the most magical moments of a carol service. 8/10

In the bleak midwinter:

A personal favourite of mine. 8/10

(NB: This only applies to the Gustav Holst version. The Harold Darke version is an abomination, 2/10. I like the Bob Chilcott version even less, 1/10)

Once in royal David’s city:

The first verse solo is another magical moment. However, I do think it has a few too many verses. 8/10

Hark the herald angels sing:

Absolutely glorious! Especially with the WHS Cymbals™. 9/10

O holy night:

The #sizzle when the full choir comes in… need I say any more. 11/10

O come o come Emmanuel:

This probably isn’t as iconic as a lot of the other list toppers, but it is my personal favourite as I absolutely love a good minor key. 10/10

God rest ye merry gentlemen:

The pace… the flair… festive to the max! 10/10


According to Classic FM, this is the oldest on their top 30 carols list, with its melody being thought to date back to the middle ages. Imagine living in the middle ages and hearing this ABSOLUTE BANGER for the very first time. 10/10!!!!!!!

Carol of the bells:

Take me back to Year Eight music when I heard the Pentatonix cover of this for the first time! Whether as a cover or its original choral rendition, the pacey melody and gorgeous harmonies are unbeatable! 10/10