2020 Vision

“2020 vision”: the phrase we all used around 82 days ago as we roared our way into the new year. Maybe we should have gone to SpecSavers; it seems that whichever optician we got that diagnosis from evidently needs to reevaluate their day job. Right now, it’s easy for us to take off the metaphorical glasses of the year, look at them for a while, then smash them on the floor and proceed to gouge our eyes out. But wait! Hold off the eye-gouging for a second, and take a moment. Maybe it’s time to give rest to our spiralling thoughts on the pandemic which must not be named, and take a look at what 2020 really looks like to us.

  • 2020 is already a fun year!

This is because 2020 may be the only time in your life where you live in a year where the two first digits are identical to the second two! (Unless you are planning to live another 101 years, in which case, godspeed, my friend).

  • We have entered Spring!

As we pass the equinox, (or the 1st of March for meteorological fans), the weather gets warmer, the sun gets brighter, and our serotonin starts soaring. If you can, try and get some sun on you; you won’t regret it.

  • Upset about review and reflection being cancelled this year?

Well, fret not! You’ve practically been entered into state-enforced R&R, so zoom out, analyse what’s going on for you right now, and get that much needed (metaphorical) 2020 vision.

  • Pick up a new skill!

Imagine this. It’s 1964, you’ve just left school at 15 to work as an apprentice gardener with Ilkley Council and discover you have a natural aptitude for all things flora. That’s right: you are Alan Titchmarsh, MBE, horticultural expert and current presenter of Love Your Garden. If you always looked at Alan and thought, “wow, I wish I was as green-fingered as this man”, you now have no excuse! Obviously, I am not forcing you to suddenly have some sort of mid/quarter-life crisis and enter the 2021 Chelsea Flower Show, but my rather convoluted point is that now is the time to keep busy and engaged. Try your hand at some art, music, writing, or even just discover a gift for cupboard organisation. I know everyone has something they’re good at, even if they haven’t found it yet.

  • Keep in touch!

It seems that trying times like these can really bring out the best in humanity. Even though we are distant, make the effort to stay connected. Whether it’s propping up your phone in your kitchen to have a cup of tea with someone, a fashion show of your closet, karaoke, a group workout, tai chi, or having a video call birthday dinner, (I can confirm, very enjoyable), just do it. Humans need human connection, so make sure you’re checking in on your mates, even if you’d think they’d be doing fine. This is a wave for everyone, so let’s ride it together.

So, I am asking you once again, put down the eye-gouging kit, take a breath, and look on the bright[er] side. Think back to that 2020 vision you were promised 82 days ago, and make it a reality.